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10 tips to choose the right school bag


When we start thinking about what backpack to choose for our schoolchildren, almost everyone remembers the word "ergonomics". After all, an ergonomic backpack will be comfortable and protect the child's back from improper weight distribution. Okay, but practically - what does this word really mean? And what else should be considered when choosing a backpack (in essence, it is important - whether it is the first or subsequent backpack).

  1. Backpack weight - the lighter, the better. Specialists recommend that the weight of the backpack, together with all its contents, should not exceed 10-15% of the child's weight.

  2.  Straps - S-shaped, wide, soft, and adjustable. Ideally, there should also be additional straps in the chest and waist area - they help distribute weight evenly and relieve shoulders and neck.

  3. Back (backpack panel) should also be soft, with comfortable filling in the waist area.

  4. Reflective elements - explaining why they are needed on a backpack is probably unnecessary.

  5. Pockets and compartments - make sure that everything in the backpack is conveniently packed, not only for "space" organization but also to evenly and stably distribute weight.

  6. Quality and resistance to wear and tear - of course, it is difficult to assess by eye, but apparent defects (thin material, poor quality threads, weak fasteners) will be visible. As an additional guarantee of safety, choose verified brands and stores where they can be purchased.

  7. Fasteners - convenient, simple, and durable. This is not the place to learn patience and sensitivity.

  8.  Is it easy to clean? Let's not have illusions - even the most beautiful backpack is sometimes left on the floor in the hallway or schoolyard. Make sure the material is easy to clean with a cloth.

  9. What does your child like - dinosaurs, fairies, or minimalist style?

  10. Resistance to the whims of nature. So that rain and snow do not reach books and things.

  11. Bonus: Let the child choose for themselves (Life hack: let them choose from a few options you have pre-selected. It's easiest to pre-select a few options online).

Of course, there will come a moment when all these arguments will be replaced by: "I want a black Nike backpack!" (here it can be another brand).

Let school years be joyful and unforgettable for every child!

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