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BrainyBand games were made by an extraordinary dad for his son and his friends. Sergey possesses a psychology degree and worked as a business trainer. He’s started working on developing kids’ education when he began a developmental community for his preschool son and his friends.

A lot of games and concepts have been thought up for the community and eventually The Brainy Band product line was born.

Why do children and their parents like this game?

  • An emphasis on natural interest. The education is easy and enjoyable.
  • High efficiency. When a child is interested – the intensity of learning is exponentially better.
  • Long-term mastery. The child gradually and noticeably masters new concepts and skills while understanding the essence of what he’s doing.
  • Ease of use. You can play the game wherever you want whenever you have a spare minute and the education will “take care of itself”.
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