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Payment methods

With this payment method, an additional fee of 1.10-1.40 EUR is charged.

In Omniva parcel machines, paying with a payment card upon delivery of the purchase is possible.
An additional fee of EUR 1.40 will be charged with this payment method.
We'll send an Invoice with our legal information to the e-mail address mentioned in your order.
If you want to pay for the purchase urgently, you can simply make a transfer to our bank details specified in the confirmation form, which comes to your email immediately after placing the order.

In our store, you can pay for your purchase with a VISA and MasterCard payment card:

  • 3D Secure payment authentication is used in our shop. Verified by VISA (VbV) and MasterCard Secure Code (MSC) work similarly.
  • The authentication works by using passwords set up to protect you when you shop online.
  • Customers should have received information about the payment authentication process from their card issuers. If you require more detailed information about the authentication process, please contact your card issuer.

Processing payments when buying online:

Please note that we will only take payment for items once processed. We will, however, take an Authorisation. This will show on your bank statement as a reservation of funds which allocates the money to your order, but this will only be realised once we have processed your order(s) for delivery. If we can't fulfil your order, we ask that your bank cancels the authorisation. If the fund reservation remains effective after several days, please contact your bank to request that they act upon our payment cancellation.

Easily shop online without having to enter your credit card details on the website. For detailed information visit site www.paypal.com

All payments are available at EUR, conversion rate determined by the issuer bank.

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