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What is Gore-Tex


More than 20 years ago, GORE-TEX technology revolutionized outdoor life. For the first time, waterproof yet breathable shoes were able to fulfill all the contradictory requirements.




For almost 20 years, Superfit has been a licensee of W.L Gore. Hundreds of thousands of tests and production of millions of children's shoes with GORE-TEX confirm the commendation as a GORE Center of Excellence.
The latest innovation from W.L.Gore Associates GmbH, the groundbreaking breathable GORE-TEX XCR laminate, is used comprehensively in the current Superfit Collection.
Since children's feet possess just as many sweat glands as those of adults, but over a smaller surface, they sweat profusely.
For this reason, children need shoes with maximum breathability. GoreTex is ideal for this purpose.
All these measures provide for an excellent shoe climate, in which little feet stay dry and feel comfortable for hours.


WMS Children's footwear


WMS fits naturally

Specially adapted to children's needs, high-value quality shoes in three different widths, a clear, simple measuring instrument: The WMS has ensured that children's feet grow healthily for 40 years. WMS is a quality seal of the DSI (Deutsches Schuhinstitut GmbH [German Shoe institute]). The license is only awarded to qualified shoe manufacturers by the HDS/L.
The WMS System
The WMS foot measuring devices determine a combined size of length and width where the addition of growth and a rolling over of the feet is considered.
The WMS system distinguishes between three sizes:

WMS guarantees high quality

The WMS advanced training program and the WMS qualification ensure a high quality of advice during the selling of children's shoes. In the more than 800 WMS shoe speciality stores, trained specialist staff support is available in addition to a large selection of WMS shoe models.





There is nothing more unpleasant than wet and cold clothing. Sympatex has therefore developed a special membrane which absorbs the water vapour and removes it through the clothing to the outside. This keeps the body warm and dry even in extreme situations. And the best thing about it is that the higher the physical activity, the more efficient the Sympatex membrane works. Functional textiles with a Sympatex membrane also provide effective protection from low temperatures and rain.



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