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Remote Contract | Shopping Rules


6.1. Prices of goods are as indicated in the online store. The Seller shall make every reasonable effort to ensure that the prices of Goods are correct at the time of Buyer placing the order.

6.2. Prices of the goods are subject to change, but such changes will not affect the already existing contracts.

6.3. Prices of goods include VAT (where applicable) at the rate in force in the Republic of Latvia at the time of purchase. Should the VAT rate change between the order date and the date of delivery, the price may change to reflect the changes in the amount of VAT, unless the Buyer pays for the Goods in full before the VAT rate change comes into effect.

6.4. The price of goods does not include the cost of packaging and delivery. Shipping costs indicated in the online store are subject to change. Current delivery prices are listed in the "Goods Delivery" section.

6.5. For countries outside the European Union, 0% VAT is applied to footwear and clothing.

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