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Remote Contract | Shopping Rules


5.1. The Seller shall make available the online store services, the operating conditions of which are determined by these Terms and other conditions announced in the online store.

5.2. The Seller shall deliver the goods to the Buyer by using the method of delivery chosen by the Buyer, in accordance with these Terms.

5.3. The Seller shall respect the Buyer’s right to privacy of his/her personal information.

5.4. If, due to unforeseen circumstances, the Seller is unable to deliver the goods purchased at LIBERI online store, the Seller has the right to cancel the Purchase Contract by informing the Buyer beforehand. The Seller may offer a similar product. If the Buyer refuses the offer, the Seller shall issue a refund within 2 working days.

5.5. The Seller may keep the money paid by the Buyer until the goods have been returned to the Seller or until the Buyer presents proof that the goods have been sent to the Seller, whichever occurs first.

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