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Remote Contract | Shopping Rules


1.1. These Terms of Purchase (hereinafter ‘Terms’) constitute a legally binding document between the Buyer (hereinafter ‘Buyer’) and the Seller (hereinafter ‘LIBERI’), setting out the rights and obligations for the purchase of goods, related payment, delivery and return procedures, as well as other terms and conditions with regard to purchases made at the online store (hereinafter ‘’).

1.2. According to these Terms, the Buyer is a person who is a registered Buyer and/or is placing an order at
The following persons are allowed to shop at


  • 1.2.1. Natural persons having the legal capacity who have reached the age of majority and whose legal capacity is not restricted by a court decision;
  • 1.2.2. Minors from 14 (fourteen) to 18 (eighteen) years of age, with the consent of parents or guardians, unless the person is emancipated;
  • 1.2.3. Legal entities.

1.3. By registering or placing an order the Buyer expressly confirms that he/she is entitled to shop at

1.4. LIBERI reserves the right to amend, edit or supplement these Terms at any time. The Buyer can read about the changes in these Terms on the website. The changes shall take effect immediately upon announcement, as soon as they are available to both parties. Therefore, the Buyer is advised to read the Terms before each purchase.

1.5. LIBERI shall be released from all liability if the Buyer fails to become fully acquainted with
the Terms despite having the opportunity to do so.

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